Laracon Online Conference 2017

Welcome guys!

I've recently attended the first ever online conference for Laracon.

It was an awesome experience, really the only downside of it were the trolls in the Slack room with memes, click on read more for some more coverage.

I really liked the idea of having some online swag for an online conference, props to that.

The overall results of Laracon Online ended in a 70 NPS score with 439 promoters, 115 passives, and 30 detractors. For a first year conference, I feel like that is an encouraging number, and a lot of great feedback was included for next year, hope to see everyone there.

Have a great weekend guys!

Hungarian Web Conference 2016

Hello everyone!

Last saturday I attended the Hungarian Web Conference 2016.
The location of the event was University of Óbuda, where I studied previously. I really liked the venue, and all the people there.

Overall I really enjoyed the event, met some amazing people, learned a lot. Can definetly recommend, I'll also attend next year, so hope to see you there.

For slides and more information you can find check the website of the event: Webconf 2016

Have a nice evening!

Hello Visitors!

Hi visitor!

Thank you for checking out my new website, enjoy your time here. Hope you find what you're looking for as quick as possible. I will write posts weekly here about coding, project management, and useful tools to check out.

If you are experiencing any bugs, please do not hesitate and comment below, or tweet at me.

Big shout out to PageKit for their services, saving me time to create this personal site of mine.

Thanks in advance, Nandee