Hungarian Web Conference 2016

Hello everyone!

Last saturday I attended the Hungarian Web Conference 2016. The location of the event was University of Óbuda, where I studied previously. I really liked the venue, and all the people there.

I listened to the followings:
  • The things your UX colleague doesn't talk about by Adam Nemeth
    I found this pretty interesting, since before I didn't really have a professional idea what are the UX processes before you start prototyping and brainstorming your project.
  • UX researches at the correct time and place by Herendy Csilla PhD
    This was a really awesome presentation mostly about researches and interviews before a you start designing. I really enjoyed listeninig to how awesome paper prototyping can be.
  • Up next: Webservers today and before by Krisztián Czakó.
    A really well structured and prepared presentation how webservers worked previously, and how Docker and containers changed the world of it, making it a lot easier. I finally came to realise what's actually behind those containers I use at Codeanywhere, setting up servers in 1 click.
  • CSS Layout Storm by Manel Rhaiem
    Brief overview of CSS history, and introduction to Flex & Grid layout basics. Can't say this was my favourite, but hey we got stickers :P
  • Angular 2 and the pretty (little complex) new world by Gergő Nagy & Gábor Harangozó
    By far my favourite. Really well structured presentation of the cool features of Angular, mostly Angular 2. Well detailed comparison to Angular 1, a little bit of codes. Good introduction of how Angular was made by Typescript also.
Overall I really enjoyed the event, met some amazing people, learned a lot. Can definetly recommend, I'll also attend next year, so hope to see you there.

For slides and more information you can find check the website of the event: Webconf 2016

Have a nice evening!
Webconf 2016
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