Laracon Online Conference 2017

Welcome guys!

I've recently attended the first ever online conference for Laracon.

It was an awesome experience, really the only downside of it were the trolls in the Slack room with memes :)

I would like to highlight Evan You's talk which featured really awesome stuff in Vue.js framework.

Another really fascinating presentation was Rachel Andrew's talk on the current stage of Grid and Flex layout, unfortunately I weren't able to test during the presentation, but she was live streaming it all and featured amazing features coming to all popular browser in no time.

Taylor Otwell's speak goes without saying was brilliant, after all he's the creator of Laravel framework!

I really liked the idea of having some online swag for an online conference, props to that.

The overall results of Laracon Online ended in a 70 NPS score with 439 promoters, 115 passives, and 30 detractors. For a first year conference, I feel like that is an encouraging number, and a lot of great feedback was included for next year, hope to see everyone there.

Have a great weekend guys!
Laracon 2017
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